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Do you have a different sexual preference than what others expect from you? And you cannot discuss this with your parents, family or friends? Is your cultural or religious background not tolerant of LGBTI? Veilige Haven Alkmaar is here to help.


Veilige Haven Alkmaar

Being LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual) is not accepted in many cultures. It is not surprising that your mind gets tangled when you think about your identity. You don't want to hurt any family or friends, but those feeling don’t vanish.  

Are my feelings right?
Do I have to do it all alone?
Should I tell someone, or rather not?

Veilige Haven Alkmaar (Safe Haven Alkmaar) is there for you if you struggle with homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or intersexual feelings. We help and support you.

Call, email or app for an appointment! You can stay anonymous and your privacy will be respected.

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The story of

Mimoun (26)

"Every guy I found attractive, I began to hate."

Sara (20)

“I felt like the only lesbian Muslim woman on earth”

Nazha (24)

"My parents are devout Muslims, but they don't mind my orientation"

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