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Mijn geloof en mijn geluk, Imad el Kaka en Hatice Kursun (2002)
Mijn geloof en mijn geluk, Imad el Kaka en Hatice Kursun (2002)
Hartsvrienden, Abdellah Taia (2011)

A coming-of-age book full of magic, superstition, longing and jealousy. The rich Khalid and the poor Omar are inseparable buddies despite the different worlds they come from. They share everything – until it Omar finds out that Khalid has kept a secret from him. Beyond himself with sadness and furious with jealously, Omar decides to do everything he can to win back his friend. (in Dutch and French)

Onder mannen: het verzwegen leven van Marokkaanse homo’s (2008)

In this book, journalist Catherine Vuylsteke describes the experiences of Moroccan gays, portraying their subculture from Morocco to Brussels. Homosexuality is a major taboo in Morocco. (in Dutch)


Another Morocco: Selected Stories (2017)

In The Red of the Fez, Abdellah Taïa tells about his journey to Paris from the poverty of Salé. He learned to survive, to accept his homosexuality and to find his way in the world without denying his roots. Feelings of isolation, problems with money and heartbreak all knocked him out of balance. (in English; Dutch title: Rendez-Vous)

An Arab Melancholia (2012)

In Salé, Abdellah runs away as a teenager from the neighbourhood that sees him as a cliché: the effeminate boy. For him it was a neighbourhood of eternal shame. Then, he runs into a small group of young men who attempt to rape him. As a young adult, he falls in love with a young European man his own age but his love is not reciprocated, and that is the theme of this story: “Is there a cure for lovesickness?” (in English, Dutch title: Mijn Arabische melancholie)

Mannenharem, Vinco David (2006)

Mannenharem is a story based on historical facts in which the main character, Omar, makes a voyage of discovery to the India of a romantic past, when powerful Mogul emperors ruled over a vast empire of Muslims and Hindus. But Omar also discovers something else: his homosexuality. (in Dutch)

Oesters of Merguez, Omar B. (2006)

Omar, a young Moroccan boy, is unpleasantly surprised to discover that he is not as macho as the other males in his family or circle of friends. Even worse: every time he tries to be intimate with a girl, he just closes up completely, yet when a boy seduces him, everything works perfectly! Encouraged by his parents – who realise what his true orientation is – he marries Latifa. He moves to Antwerp. His struggles with his sexual orientation and the clash of cultures are sometimes hard for him, but they also lead to hilarious situations.(in Dutch)

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"Every guy I found attractive, I began to hate."

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“I felt like the only lesbian Muslim woman on earth”

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"My parents are devout Muslims, but they don't mind my orientation"

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