What we do

Veilige Haven is a place in Alkmaar and surroundings where you can go (anonymously) for support as a bicultural or LGBTI person. The first Veilige Haven in the Netherlands was established in Amsterdam in 2007. Since 2020 you can go to Alkmaar for help and support if you have doubts about your sexuality, especially if this causes problems with your culture or religion.

The LGBTI specialists of MEE & de Wering are trained to help you with all kinds of questions. They are HBO educated social workers with the expertise LGBTI. They think along with you about your gay, lesbian or transgender feelings. They can also support you in bringing you into contact with other authorities, and possibly come with you. If necessary, questions from you can be formulated so that other authorities can easily understand the problem. All this to help you along your journey.

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Veilige Haven Alkmaar is a project of MEE & de Wering. This organization that values that everyone can participate to the best of their ability. They represent a society where everyone has an equal place. A society where everyone matters and that includes, rather than excludes. For more information, visit the website www.meewering.nl/

The story of

Mimoun (26)

"Every guy I found attractive, I began to hate."

Sara (20)

“I felt like the only lesbian Muslim woman on earth”

Nazha (24)

"My parents are devout Muslims, but they don't mind my orientation"

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